Highland Park is one of the oldest settled areas of Los Angeles and it’s bordered on the North by Eagle Rock, South Pasadena to the east, Glassell park to the west and Mt. Washington to the southwest. The Gold Line serves the area and the district’s zip code is 90042. While gentrification has certainly made a big impact on the area, Highland Park still has not changed dramatically like other nearby neighborhoods. Low rents and affordable homes can still be found which makes this a popular area for first time home buyers. One reason for the lack of major change to the area may be due to the poorer schools in the area. This fact is hotly debated and you are likely to find residents who argue both sides.

A number of movies have been filmed in the area including Reservoir Dogs which was filmed at Pat And Lorrayne’s Coffee Shop. Other movies filmed here include Jim Carrey’s Yes Man, La Bamba and Up In Smoke.

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